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Cauldron candle with obsidian coffin

Cauldron candle with obsidian coffin

Cauldron candle with obsidian coffin

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Cauldron candle with obsidian coffin/ gothic/ mysticism/ all seeing eye/ witchy/ obsidian coffin

Scented in Black Jasmine this cauldron shaped resin candle features the All knowing Eye that can tell you your past, present and Future! It also contains an Obsidian Coffin !

Once burned away the opening fits a common tea light candle perfectly


fast shipping. gorgeous product. great lather. beautifully detailed.

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Yeah, the soap is freaking AWESOME!


Love this seller. Their products are amazing and I love everything I buy from them.


Items were beautiful. Packaged perfectly to give as a gift. Thank you so much!!!! Gorgeous creative work

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